Cookie’s finished product after her playing on Photoshop.  So fabulous.
Making this almost killed me

Cookie’s finished product after her playing on Photoshop.  So fabulous.

Making this almost killed me

Cookie, using Photoshop to make herself more fabulous.
Oh, and Cookie was peeing on me while I took this photo.You’re welcome.

Cookie, using Photoshop to make herself more fabulous.

Oh, and Cookie was peeing on me while I took this photo.
You’re welcome.

Cookie, enjoying my parent’s pillows.  She loves how floppy they are and has taken many naps each day on them~

I went to Petsmart and bought the new baby her own little food dish and little pink water bottle.  It’s all so little and precious~

I also stared at all of the babies they had for so long that my mom had to drag me away.  All the babies today were Crested and their head whorls were too big for their heads XD 
There was one slightly older female that looked so annoyed when the babies started popcorning lol.  She looked up at me as if she was saying, “Do you see this?  Do you see what I have to put up with?”  Every time one of the piglets tried to go into the pigloo she stopped them with her head.  There was no way she was letting one of their hyper popcorn booties in with her lol.

The nurse called this morning to let us know that her schedule changed, so we won’ be able to meet the new baby until Monday.

It’s better though, since this means I’ll possibly be able to bring her home instead of just meeting her, since hopefully in the next 5 days she’ll be weened off her mother and drinking water.  That also means I can start the process of Cookie getting used to her smell and what-not.

So, in the end it works out better, but…I wanted to play with baby piggies so badly tonight ;__;

First off, Congrats on the new baby piggy! Secondly, my only Pig, Max* passed away back in January, and I've been planning to adopt a pair of Pigs ever since. I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how to find a good rescue to adopt from?

Thanks!  I can’t wait to share her with all of you~

I personally don’t know about rescues, since Cookie and Poppy were from Petco and the newest baby is coming from the nurse at our vet, but I’m betting this is something the Piggie Pals can help you with :D 

Piggie Pals - got any suggestions on finding good piggie rescues?

Piggie Names with Sammie & Mom
Sammie: Aww, Truffles is a cute name!
Mom: Eh, no. I don't like it.
*less than an hour later*
Mom: Oh my gosh, I got it!
Sammie: Got what?
Mom: The name! The most perfect name!
Sammie: Which is...?
Mom: *dramatically throws out arms for emphasis*
*dramatic pause*
Mom: Truffles!
Sammie: ...
Mom: It's so perfect!
Mom: NO, WAIT - WHAT?!

My mom had Cookie on her chest when she went to move her.  Well, Cookie had not asked to be moved (she chatters when she does, whether she needs to pee or just wants to lay another way) and she did not want to be moved.  So, when my mom grabbed her, she held on.

With her teeth.

My mom got so mad once she realized it, and is convinced that Cookie doesn’t like her lol.  It also doesn’t help that when she handed Cookie to me that Cookie started laughing.  She actually started making purring sounds at my mom.  I feel bad for my mom, but oh gosh it was so funny lol.


With all the names I just posted, I thought it’d be fun to share our other food pets~

So I’ve owned a lot of pets lol, and it’s been a family tradition to name them after foods.  We don’t know why this is a tradition - it just sort of started at some point XD

Our rabbits Cherry, Pudding, and S’mores
Our dogs Marshmellow (intentionally spelled that way) and Kirby (who’s full name was Sammie’s Kirby Cream Puff)
My fish Fudgems
Our parakeets Slurpee and Chester (who’s full name is Chester’s Pine Shack Frosty)
And, of course, our piggies Cookie and Poppy (who I called “My Poppy Seed Muffin”)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2013!!!  Cookie is a cookie and Poppy is a poppy seed muffin :D  Hope all you Piggie Pals have a safe and fun Halloween this year! ♥


I can’t wait until tomorrow night!!!  I will of course shower you all with photos lol, but for now here are our top name picks:

  • Cream (my brother’s favorite) (Cookie and Cream)
  • Sprinkles
  • Biscotti (my mom’s favorite) (Cookie and “Cookie” lol)
  • Mousse
  • Cupcake (I call cupcakes “cuppincakes” lol - I dunno why)
  • Fffffudge (Includes the extra 4 Fs lmao)
  • Muffin
  • Toffee 

I can’t pick a favorite, but that’s ok - when I see her, I’ll know 

It is.

It is.




Henry has a crush on Poppy (of piggieproblems) now, methinks.

Decided to take a look at the Piggie Problems tag for the first time.

This video has made my night.  Thank you so much - it means a lot to my brother and I 

Oh I’m glad you got to see it! Henry sends his condolences. He wanted to send sympathy beans, but I advised against it. :-)

Sympathy beans.

Sympathy beans.

Sympathy beans.

It took me a minute, and now I’m crying lol.  

ginnypants said: ignore dem haters

Its just hard and annoying because I know she probably did want to help and isn’t a hater, but she just doesn’t understand how terrible she was being and how badly she was ignoring me.  Seriously - I don’t understand the point of messaging me to tell me that I should have gotten a new pig back at the beginning of July when it’s almost August.  It’s like what do you want me to do?  All you’re doing is calling me a bad person - umm, congrats?  I learned my lesson?


Unfortunately, it is a happy occasion that has been overshadowed by someone who has decided to call me “selfish” because I didn’t get one within the first week of Poppy dying ALMOST A MONTH after the fact.  
Even though I told her that Cookie’s vet says she’s ok and that waiting this long is ok, she says I’m wrong and that I could’ve killed Cookie.
Even though the babies were JUST born, she says I should have gotten it earlier.
Even though I was obligated to adopt this baby for a month (it’s from the nurse who helped me with Poppy), she says I should get an older pig.
Even though I had NO TIME for a new pig and that it would have been irresponsible for me to get it because I haven’t been home and have been traveling, she says it’s irresponsible that I haven’t already gotten one and that I should ignore my life’s obligations (even though it literally would have meant ruining my educational career and taking me out of graduate school and the credential program).
There was just no communicating with this person or convincing them that I know what I’m doing, and at the end of the day she resorted to the generic, “Gosh, you’re touchy - i just wanted to help.”

So after message after message of me trying to explain why I didn’t get a pig yet and her beating a dead horse, not reading anything I was writing to her, and accusing me of not knowing what depression is, I chose to finally press that “ignore” button.

This is the first time I have ignored someone on Tumblr, so let me get a few things across:

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My best friend just told me that she has a friend who knows me as “The Friend with the Guinea Pig Blog”.

I hope she sees this, and knows that I think that’s a-ok lol